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Since 1998 we have learned a thing or two about eliminating project chaos, resource management, collaboration, merging waterfall, agile and support portfolios, and how to help your project teams reach their full potential.

In 1998 a core group of E&Y management consultants left our secure high paying jobs to startup a IT project, resource, and portfolio management software company that, together with the best practices and willing people, would help companies eliminate the chaos and uncertainty around their project efforts while allowing them to deliver better project results (to the delight of their stakeholders and customers).

Let us pass along our wisdom to you so your teams can eliminate the fear, uncertainty, and stress in their projects and can overtake your competitors by delivering solutions that raise the bar.
  • Top 6 Project Management Failures in the Search for Malaysia Air Flight 370 +

    Malaysia Air Flight 370 vanished on March 8, 2014 while en route from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing. In the weeks that followed there was international finger pointing, government accusations of ineptitude, public distrust and the perception of thousands of wasted hours. Here are the top 6 project portfolio management "lessons learned" from the missteps in the management of the Read More
  • Want your project management software to work? Don't skip this 1 thing. +

    I put a dollar in one of those change machines.  Nothing changed. ~George Carlin I am always amazed by how undervalued culture change management is within corporate America.  To illustrate this point here is a true story... Not too long ago we were invited to setup a booth at an internal company trade show.  We were excited for the opportunity Read More
  • Who We Are (and why you should care) +

    This is typically the place where a company goes on and on about why their product is the only product a company should consider for this type of solution. They spew overblown hype, hide their own weaknesses, and over promise on capabilities and price. When we read this type of "happy talk" about products we are interested in, we feel Read More
  • PPM SaaS pricing models - Which is best? +

    I was recently asked the question, "what is the best pricing model for a SaaS provider?". As the co-founder of an 15 year old SaaS project management software company I felt I had some insight. First of all let me say this. This question has 2 very different answers when you consider: 1) "what's best for the customer?" or 2) Read More
  • Why VPMi SaaS? Top 10 Reasons to Leave (or Stay!) +

    Unlike enterprise project management systems that require everyone to have a doctorate or toy like spreadsheet solutions with few benefits over email, VPMi is the "just right" solutions for all but .01% of companies. OK - Drumroll Please. Our top 10 reasons why you shouldn't waste your time considering VPMi for PPM: You were on a competitor's website and noticed they Read More
  • Prediction for PPM Growth in 2014 +

    I believe resource, portfolio, and project management is going to continue to see decent growth in 2014 based on our CIO contacts and industry metrics. SaaS will make up the vast majority of this growth as traditional enterprise players rush SaaS versions out the door and established players continue to target the SMB market. However – VCSonline new customers sign-ups Read More
  • Communicating the PPM Value Proposition to Your Boss +

    I was recently asked, “How do you communicate the "value" of a PPM solution to your client/boss?” Step 1: Set your goals with your boss/client? In my opinion there are only 3 real strategies that these goals should directly relate to: 1) Make more money 2) Save money 3) Mitigate business risk It is a good idea to brainstorm around Read More
  • Can you trust a SaaS vendor with security? Negative. +

    I was recently asked the question, “Can we Trust SaaS (Software as a Service) firms on Security?” and offered up a surprising answer. Bottom line: "No – you absolutely positively can NOT trust a SaaS provider with security.” Now let me explain through a personal example: Before there was SaaS everyone called this business an ASP model (application service provider). Read More
  • Project Management Job Postings - What they Really Mean +

    With the economy still struggling and companies slow to hire, we are still seeing resumes of good project managers looking for work. Having been in the project management web-based SaaS software field for 20 years this seems like the longest time we have been through these challenging for PMs. Well since we have no control over the Federal Reserve the one Read More
  • Why do we do this? +

    It is 9 PM local time here in Atlanta Georgia and I just threw my suitcase on the bed of the downtown Hyatt, pulled out my laptop, and started writing my first Blog entry as a diversion from going over the web site marketing one more time. Sixteen floors below me there is an active bar scene filled with many Read More
  • I don't love you, you don't love me, and we aren't a great big family +

    Even if you don’t you would have to have been living in a cave to not know Barney the purple dinosaur who delights kids with his lessons of cleaning your room, taking turns, and being politically correct. At the end of every show Barney breaks into the Sinatra-esce ballad we all know “I love you, you love me, we’re a Read More
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About the Author

My name is Nick Matteucci and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of VCSonline (makers of the VPMi) for web-based project, resource, and portfolio management. I have traveled the country since 1998 as a speaker and evangelist for simple, sensible, and secure project management software and processes.

I have had the honor of assisting PMOs at the most successful Fortune 500 and Fortune 5,000,000 companies on earth. I have been humbled by inclusion in college text books and I have had the pleasure of serving on the board of directors for PMI chapters as well as the largest IT project management organization in the world (PMI ISSIG).

As CEO of VCSonline, I work with the most incredible team of people who share my passion for PPM software and helping our customers reach their full potential

When I am not working (ha!) I personally enjoy running, cooking, St. Louis Cardinals baseball, all things automotive, and spending time with my wife and three active children in St. Louis, Missouri.