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    VPMi is an Online (SaaS/Hosted) or Onsite (Source Code) simple, sensible, and secure PPM for managing projects, resources, programs, portfolios, timesheets, and financials.

    Popular features include ASK&GIVE Resource Management, Microsoft Project integration, document management, messaging, forecasting, and our new HTML5 report/dashboard writer.

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  • Resource Management

    We constantly ask our Garner, Meta Group, and new customers the same question.

    What makes VPMi better? #1 answer is Resource Management.

    We spent hundreds of hours consulting with PMs, RMs, experts, and executives to make VPMi RM better than @Task, Daptiv, or EPM.

    We then completely re-engineered VPMi with our all new ASK & GIVE resource planning, new forecasting tools, and full supply and demand with saved scenarios.
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  • 2-Way MS Project Sync

    Love it or hate it, Microsoft Project ..mpp files are the defacto standard for project plans. VPMi not only allows you to upload your plans into VPMi, we allow you to continuously sync down and up for the life of your project.

    Additionally, you don't even need to own Microsoft Project to sync plans, download VPMi generic roles and teams, and download VPMi web-based timesheets.

    Better yet - you can do things like CapEx, Deliverables, Billable, and Key Milestones (that even Microsoft can't import into Project Server).
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  • Program Management

    Programs unify, align, and coordinate your projects into new products, company goals, and business changes that allow you to pass by your competition.

    VPMi started web-based program management in 1998 and continues with:
    1) A single project associated to multiple programs
    2) Built in program management dashboard
    3) Program Toolbox (status, issues, changes, risks, milestones, and teams).

    Click to see why being the first was nice, being the best is better.
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  • Timesheets & Status

    We took the most boring, universally hated, and meaningless apps in any organization - and reinvented it.

    How? Simple. How we improve all our software. We asked. I mean we ALL asked. CEO to the newest developer asked.

    What we heard? Give us a "single pane of glass" for all updates. Auto timesheet setup? Check. Change ETC weekly? Check. Leave notes for team and for the time approvers? Check. Check. Who's got your back?
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Top Customers

Duncan Solutions
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

The VPMi Difference

VPMi is a SaaS, Hosted, or On-Site project, resource, and performance management solution that is perfect for IT and New Product Development teams who want to reach their full potential.

With VPMi you can create projects, sync MS Project files, build dashboards, balance the supply vs. demand of resources, track budgets, attach documents, chat, manage timesheets, and track project satisfaction.

VPMi is recommended by Gartner as a simple, sensible, and secure alternative to expensive and overly complex solutions like Daptiv, @Task, Clarity, Planview, and Microsoft Project Server.

Case Studies

  • Orange Communications +

    Orange (NYSE:ORAN) is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with 165,000 employees in 32 countries and a customer base of more than 235 million people. Orange is also a leading provider of global IT and telecommunication services to multinational companies, under the brand Orange Business Services. Prior to implementing Read More
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